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Name: hmmmmm I'll tell ya if I trust ya
Gender: I believe I'm a female
Age: 18
Birthday: March 21st (Sping equanox all the way man!)
School/Grade: College Freshman
Job: None at the moment, only because I am focusing on my school work and the organzation I'm part of
Parents Still Together: yup
Siblings: 1 slightly annoying one
Pets: 3 cats and 3 dogs :)
Smoker: NEVER!
Drinker: I would never think about it, unless it's root beer :)
Virgin: Why wouldn't I be?
Drugs: never!


-Hair Colour: Blonde
-Is it Dyed?: nope
-Eye colour: blue :)
-Height: a short 5' 3" lofted bed in my residence hall room is as tall as me, it makes me feel ssooo tall....NOT!
-Style: U have no idea
-Glasses/Contacts/None?: Glasses
-Freckles: a few I think
-Shoe size: 6 in girls.....7 1/2 I think in women's.....but when I mesured my feet at the store it said 6 1/2, so I have no idea anymore
-Piercings: just my ears
-Want More? nope
-Tattoos?: not at all
-Want More?: never
-Braces?: nope but I might in the future if I ever make it
-Overall Best Feature?: I have no idea, none?
-Overall Worst Feature?: again I have no idea
-Do you get most of your traits from mum or dad?: I've been told mom


-Favourite Colour: too many
-Worst Colour: the ugly ones
-Favourite Number(s):anyone I feel like at the moment in time
-Favourite Animal: Kitties and horses :)
-Least Favourite Animal: I don't have one
-Favourite Flower: Habiscus
-Favourite Food: Pizza
-Worst Food: fish
-Favourite Junk Food: cookies
-Worst Junk Food: too much chocolate
-Favourite Restaurant: Chipolte
-Favourite Ice Cream Flavour:chocolate chip cookie dough
-Favourite Candy: reeces pieces
-Favourite Alcoholic Drink: none
-Favourite NON Alcoholic Drink: root beer
-Worst Alcoholic Drink: all of them
-Worst NON Alcoholic Drink: gingerale
-Favourite Genre of Music: Country
-Worst Genre: anything loud or cuses
-Favourite Band/Artist: I have too many
-Worst Band/Artist: a lot
-Favourite Song: too many
-Worst Song: Baby by Justin Beiber
-Favourite Radio Station: 99.5 WGAR
-Favourite Book: Cirque Du Freak series
-Worst Book: most any book I had to read for school
-Favourite Type of Movie: Disney!
-Worst Type of Movie: Scary
-Favourite Movie: I don't have one
-Worst Movie Ever: Annoying ones
-Favourite TV Show: Pretty Little Liars
-Worst TV Show: Any of the newer children's shows that make no sense
-Favourite Season of the Year: Spring
-Worst Season: Winter
-Best Friend: I have a few
-Worst Enemy: People who bullied me
-Favourite Day of the Week: Anyday I can hang out or talk to friends
-Least Favourite:Days dedicated soley to school
-Favourite Sport: Vollyball, soccer, swimming


-Are You Single?: no
-If not, who is your bf/gf?: Again if I want you to know you will
-How Long Have You Been Together? 3 weeks
-If You're Single, Do you Like It?:
-Do You Have a Crush On Anyone Right Now?:
-First Kiss: I don't wanna think about him
-Ever Kiss in the Rain?: ya but we weren't actually standing in the rain, but we were outside and it was pouring
-In a Movie Theatre?: nope
-Underwater?: that sounds intresting
-First Love: don't wanna talk about it
-Have you ever Cheated on Anyone?: never!!!
-Been Cheated on?: i have no idea at this point
-Used Someone?: nope never
-Been used?: yup :/
-Lied to your bf/gf?: no
-Ever Made out With Just a Friend?: nope
-Ever Had Sex With Just a Friend?: im a virgin, and i wouldnt do that anyway
-Are You a Tease?: a what?
-Do you Flirt a Lot?: nope
-Longest Relationship: a year and a half i think
-Shortest: 6 months (same guy as before)
-Have you Ever Gotten a Poem?: kinda
-Ever Get Flowers?: nope
-Sweetest Thing You've Ever Gotten: not sure
-Do you Like Valentine's Day or Sweetest Day?: nope
-Do you Believe in Love at First Sight?:  no
-Do you Fall in Love Fast?: i dont think so
-Are you a Player?: never!
-Would you ever Hook Up With Someone of the Same sex?: no
-Have You ever Kissed 2 People in One Day?: uhh no
-Kissed 2 People At One Time?: nope
-Had Sex with 2 People in One day?: of coure not!
-Had sex with 2+ People at One Time?: ewww
-Ever cried over someone of the opposite sex?: yes
-Ever Been Dumped?: many times
-Ever dumped someone?: nope
-Ever been rejected?: nope
-Do you have a lot of ex's?: no
-Are you a slut?: i sure hope not
-Ever been called one?: nope
-Ever dated someone more than once?: yep
-Do you ever make the first move?: no im too scared
-Double dates or single?: ive never been on a double date
-Do you want to get married?: yup


-Can you drive?: no
-Do You Have a Car?: no
-Do you have a mobile phone?: yup
-Are you online a lot?: yup
-Do you like gay/bi people?: as if they were any other person
-Can you speak another language?: nope
-Do you do well in school?: i think so
-Do you collect anything?: stuffed animals
-Have an obsession?: yes and no depending on who u ask
-Do you hate yourself?: sometimes
-Ever smile for no reason?: when i think of something in my mind yep~
-Talk to yourself?: all the time
-Do you have any regrets?: mhmm
-Believe in magic?: yes i do
-Do you support gay marriage?: yup
-Sex before marriage?: nope
-Do you trust people easily?: not anymore
-Forgive easily?: sometimes
-Do you have a secret no one knows?: ya....
-Do you get along with your parents?: sometimes
-How do you vent your anger?: listen to music or write
-Do you like George Bush?: i was 5-14 when he was in office and didnt pay much attention so i have no idea
-Goal Before you die?: not sure
-Biggest Fear: as typical as it sounds death
-Biggest Weakness: im way to emotional
-Do you play an instrument?: yup flute
-What do you want to be when you grow up? environmental geologist :)


-A b****?: nope
-A daydreamer?: nope
-Shy?: sometimes
-Talkative?: not usually
-Energetic?: almost always
-Happy?: sometimes
-Depressed?: not really
-Funny?: sometimes
-Slutty?: uh id hope not
-Boring?: sometimes
-Mean?: not really
-Nice?: i try to be
-Caring?: as always
-Trustworthy?: i am
-Confident?: not usually
-Friendly?: of course
-Smart?: ehhh
-Sarcastic?: not well
-Dependable?: i think so
-Quiet?: sometimes
-Weird?: most definatly
-Adaptable?: i have no idea
-Strong (emotionally)?: not really
-Strong (physically)?: depends on who you ask
-Mature?: i think so
-Logical?:  sometimes
-Religious?: slightly
-Modest?: yes
-Indecisive?: sometimes
-Sympathetic?: yup
-Polite?: Yes
-Creative?: i try to be
-Fun to be around?: i hope so
-Loveable?: Very loveable
-Easily Amused?: ya, a little too easily amused
-Daring?: nope
-Clumsy?: yup
-Nosy?: i try not to be
-Lazy?: nope
-Scary?: nope
-Optimistic?:.. i try
-Persuasive?: at times
-A good listener?: Yes
-Curious?: very very
-Determined?: yup
-Artistic?: not in the least
-Honest?: yup
-Respectful?: yes
-Conceited?: No
-Cocky?: hopefully not
-Controlling?: i try not to be
-Playful?: fun is good
-Easygoing?: ya
-Carefree?: sometimes
-Hot Headed?: a little
-Serious?: sometimes
-Thoughtful?: yes a
-Stubborn?: very
-Romantic?: i have no idea
-Ambitious?: Yes
-Jealous?: try not to be
-Insecure?: yes :/
-Obsessive?: no
-Attentive?: Maybe.
-Helpful?: I try
-Punctual?: who?
-Rational?: what?
-Sincere?: i try
-Goodbye: what y?
-Did you enjoy this survey?: ya but ur leaving me now :(


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United States
Current Residence: US
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iPod


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